Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The End of January

The paper from my previous post, was made into this:

And within almost seconds, it sold.

With the left over blue stained paper, I created this:

Vintage, hand-aged canvas

Vintage maps & my special blue-stained paper.
This arrived in the mail.
The tiniest package ever, 
linen thread from Northern Ireland - 
a 4-inch long parcel - 
I fell inlove with it immediately.

 I also received a wonderful postcard all the way from Samos in Greece, 
thanks to the talented Alek from infinitystop
It is the little things.

Yesterday afternoon in the studio, 
I completed two more books, 
which I subsequently listed in my Etsy store.

Ex Libris Journey, a mix of old and even older.

Vintage key, antique & reclaimed leather.

Vintage Ex Libris bookplate, tea-stained pages.

Burgundy & black reclaimed leather, with a vintage clock hand.

Vintage maps....

Tea-stained pages...

In between all of this, I found a new home, 
so may be sporadic in my listing of things,
until the settling in takes flight.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tapestry Tales & Paper Preparation

A new book in store, 
a variation of past 'Tapestry Tales' -
this is another.

Three pieces of reclaimed leather
each embossed, and intricately hand-stitched together.

Deep green decorative paper adorns the first
and last pages.

Non-acidifying staining techniques bring a sense
of history to the pages in this journal.

Awaiting creative hands.

Meanwhile, I have other creations on the go.

and have been tearing, staining.....

drying & folding paper, 

for days.

More on that in my next post.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


A new leather journal, 

after a few days of hand-tearing, 


drying & pressing paper...

 Simple, yet rustic & secretive.

An old mis-shapen key adorns the cover flap.

A little taste of The Vitruvian Man, by Leonardo da Vinci

Extra thick for the prolific writer. 20 signatures here.

Heavily stained pages, worked over and over...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Little Companion

New in my Etsy store, this sweet little companion leather journal.

I loved the old pieces of leather, 
which I found both had natural folds in the corners.

I ironed them to make them stay. 

The pages have been stained twice,
creating a unique mottled effect
of aqua green & deep tea-yellow.

It has alot of character, this one. Get it here.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the room,
I had been meticulously hand tearing, staining,
and laying out tiny pieces of lined paper.

Today I will gather them up.
Tomorrow they will form a miniature book.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


One of my favourite places on earth, Karekare beach.
It's the new year. 

A happy one to all of you.

Let it be good.


More air, creativity, long walks, friends, love, spontaneity. 

This little one got finished from my last post.

It's adorable and part of me wants to keep it.

So much to ponder.

What will fill the pages?

Where will it live?

I ask too many questions.

Whatever will be, will be.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Paper Folding

I was folding paper, and there was not enough. 

The book would have been too thin.

So I did what was the most obvious thing, and tore it all in half. Viola - twice the thickness, smaller book. 

I could have kept going.... But as I had already stained the paper; once I had torn it a second time, the edges were too white on one side. 

To stain again? 

A-whole-nother day of waiting?

I had a pot of tea made, with some linen soaking in it. Taking my paper stack, I dipped one side of it in the tea. After blotting it with a towel, I set to laying the half-wet sheets out to dry.

Looking at it reminded me of Joss paper - I had bought some in my early teens from an The Indian Emporium up in Karangahape Road (which sadly, after 30 years, has long since closed, but it was a wonderful store with all sorts of treasures). Joss Paper is actually traditionally Chinese and also known as ghost money. 

I was standing next to the iron (on its last legs) and taking a wet piece of paper, decided to iron it lightly. It slowly dried - simultaneously creating more of a Joss Paper appearance. 

So kneeling down, I ironed the lot. 
Two didn't survive. 
But the delight!


This little book will be a sweetie.
I created a leather cover for it which is sleeping overnight in the press. 

Tomorrow I will marry the two.

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